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What are Escape Rooms?

Boise escape rooms put you in a unique situation and a race against time. They’re an incredible way to have fun with family, friends, and co-workers. We have the best rooms on our site!

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Find Clues in Boise Today

Local escape games are memorable events that challenge you and transport you away to a different world. Game themes should be rich, have depth, and include great puzzles and clues.

Virtual Reality Games Boise

Virtual Reality Escape Rooms

Some places include “virtual reality rooms.” VR lounges have them, but these days, a good Treasure Valley area escape game company will have VR options for you, too.

Escape Room Building 101

Reasons to play an escape room near Boise...

Friends – Family – Reunions

Take friends or make new friends… Boise Escape rooms are great ways to meet new people that have common skills, ideas, and traits that are similar to yours.

Tourists and Travelers

Are you passing through Boise Idaho for one reason or another? Make time to see all the great things Boise has to offer – be sure an escape room is one of them.

Team Building Activities

If you’re a business owner and you haven’t yet been to an escape room, or you’re not making them part of your monthly team building skills – then you need to do so.

Churches, Scouts, Teams

Make reservations today and get your team or small group into a local Treasure Valley area escape room. Compete, communicate, solve puzzles, find clues – and have fun!

Birthday Party Things to Do

Keep your birthday party guests entertained like never before. Surprise someone on their birthday with an escape room. It will make for a very special memory!

Bachelor – Bachelorette Parties

Give your wedding party good clean fun and excitement with a night of escape room laughter. It adds to the positive memories and fun before your special day.

Best Escape Room Games in Boise Idaho

Birthday Parties - Team Building - Date Nights or Just for Fun!

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