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Are you a seasoned “escape room veteran” or will Labyrinth be your first escape game ever – rest assured that our games are built for every skill level. The only way to find out is to play one – so contact us today and get started.

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Boise Escape games have different themes and stories. One puzzle may help you solve the next, but may also be a part of the next. Breaking secret codes, analyzing scientific samples, uncovering lost secrets – you get the idea!

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An Escape Room is first and foremost a game. Think of being inside a movie or video game; players are put inside a room where they will find clues that help them solve puzzles and challenges so that they can reach their goal.

"Nobody does it like these guys - our team had an absolute blast!"

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"The preparation, creativity, and attention to detail blew us away."

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Friends and Family or Reunions

This is the place to work close with friends and family to achieve a common goal, use good communication, and to simply beat the clock and just have fun!

Tourists and Travelers

At Labyrinth, we specialize in fun and excitement for not only locals, but people just passing through, traveling, or simply checking out “Things to do!”

Corporate Team Building

Turn “employees” into a strong team… At Labyrinth, you can put them in a room and make them work together while solving puzzles and having fun!

Churches, Scouts, Teams

Yes, groups of all kinds can benefit from escape room games by working closer together and depending on each other to accomplish a common goal.

Birthday Party Things to Do

Deciding which games to play at your birthday party or how to keep people entertained? Make it a memorable day inside of one of our challenging escape rooms!

Bachelor or Bachelorette Parties

Forget the traditional “night before” partying that can get you in trouble. Bring your wedding grooms and bridesmaids in for good clean fun and excitement!

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simple answer to a puzzle chances are it’s because all the necessary information hasn’t been revealed to you yet so move on and then come back to it later the second tip deals with searching the first thing you should do in your to room is for everyone to split up and to start looking for clues and items searching boot camp to point out the typical places that things are hidden there you go always look under tables always look under rugs they write codes on the back of rugs other spots might be in hollowed-out books or in pockets of clothing or behind a door in the room a super common first-time mistake is to look in places you should for example you won’t find a clue by disassembling a ceiling light or a power outlet another common searching mistake is to see Clues and things that aren’t for example the bottom of this chair has letters and numbers from the factory but they’re obviously not part of the room design because they don’t fit with the theme going back to tip 1 the clues and key items should be fairly obvious in a well signed room and the more escape rooms you do the more you’ll get a sense for what is and isn’t a real clue tip 3 organize your stuff as you search the room

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put all the clues and items in one location so if you found three similar cups like this with numbers on the bottom group them together as you do this the bigger picture begins to emerge and it’s easier to tell what you’re missing don’t let people just walk around with an item randomly in their hand that others don’t know about you can ask before you start but almost all rooms have a policy where you use one clue or one lock only one time so once you’ve used a clue or item put it in a discard pile and be sure to leave any key in the lock that it opened this helps avoid unnecessary wasting of time when a team member is working on a puzzle they don’t realize has already been solved and used for tip four now that your team is starting to make sense of the room laser focus on what is stopping you from moving forward you are going to feel overwhelmed at the beginning even with our record breaking times about halfway through I thought there is no way we’re gonna even come close to finishing but then you solve one thing and then everything else starts falling into place to help with this work backwards from the thing that is stopping you identify that inputs it needs for example in this room you see there is a lock here and it looks like the key is right here but you need some kind of hanger to fish it out now there’s a cabinet on the wall that probably contains that hanger and it has a lock that needs three letters and two numbers today you can focus on clues that will yield three numbers and two letters you won’t be as vulnerable to red herrings so red herring is something that’s put into the room that has no bearing upon the game it can be something simple oh this

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As extensive aficionados of escape rooms we endeavored this one out not understanding that they had as of late opened and we were apparently one of the firsts to endeavor it. We kept running with the harder room Queen Anne’s Revenge since we appreciated the likelihood of a privateer themed room. At first we were asked how liberal we may need them to be with the insights. I really esteemed this in light of the way that the last Escape Room we went to I felt like they gave us signs when we didn’t by and large require them. We chose not to get signs aside from in the event that we seemed like we were totally off track and we weren’t going to understand it. They gave us a walkie talkie too which was better than average because we had a little issue with a key breaking and they could touch base in an override it.

As a rule the experience was remarkable we had our whole family participating ages 7-62. We had a social occasion of 8 which I figure helps since you can tackle diverse things at some random minute. We ended up escaping with 3 1/2 minutes left and only 3 signs. (1 of the clues I don’t for the most part check anyway in light of the fact that it was information that we unquestionably knew) so I’ll state 2 signs đŸ™‚

I would endorse this to any person who likes testing puzzles and family fun.

Escape Games are an effect. In case you are hunting down a fun development to do in Boise whether it be for night out on the town, going out with a get-together of allies or even partners, this is fantastic. (Escape rooms are mind boggling for corporate gathering creating too!) You can pick the privateer point or the wild west. I played the wild west bar. It’s a huge amount of fun and the puzzles are creative yet reliable.

Escape room beguilements are twisting up progressively increasingly well known in all parts of the world.

Notwithstanding if you endeavored one starting at now or essentially found out about it from a partner, it’s to be sure a champion among the best activities to do as a gathering creating exercise.

Live escape beguilements are a tolerably new thought that was first pushed in Silicon Valley in 2006 by a get-together of designers and immediately ended up being astoundingly outstanding.

The accompanying surely understood escape room appeared in Japan in 2008 in this manner it started…

The whole thought was stirred by once predominant online preoccupations with a comparable name: “escape room diversions”.

I don’t know whether you anytime played one, yet they were very exceptional when I was in optional school, around the beginning of 2000’s that is.

The universally useful of an online escape room is for you to escape a room – the plots can be inside and out various and now and again connected with surely understood books or movies.

At the present time, escape room entertainments are bouncing up like mushrooms medium-term and there are progressively a greater amount of them in each city.

I had just a couple in London and everyone believed that the subjects will change.

In case you are new to escape room redirections, this post will help you with an elucidation of what’s in store from a delight and where to find the best ones.

Above all else:

Live escape diversions are played with a gathering of no less than 3 and a limit of 10 people.

Most of the entertainments occur in a movement of rooms, where a player needs to settle a ton of puzzles to move beginning with one room then onto the following.

Most of the entertainments I visited featured between 2-5 particular rooms.

One redirection continues for a hour and you will reliably have a clock on a divider, as the basic target of the beguilement is for you to leave the room, at the soonest opportunity.,_Idaho